About the Artist and his Work


The watercolors of Robert J. Stetz capture the simplistic nature of every day culture. Done in a realistic style, each painting stimulates the imagination of the viewer through the unconventional selection and composition of the subject, reinforced by the title of the piece.
Traditional watercolor techniques, combined with glazing and lifting are prominent in various pieces of his work. The attention to detail is ever present and, according to the artist, is gained through his study of the works of masters Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, and John Singer Sargent. The varied selection of subjects conveys a spirited restless creativity magnified by the diversity in his work.

“I try to visualize my finished painting before I start. I don’t like to leave any of the composition to chance. I have a palette of colors ,a palette of skills ,and my vision of the paintings story I want others to see. There is often a nagging correction that appears in the work that prevents it from reaching the completed stage. I will put a painting aside and go back to it several times before I consider it finished. The details are as important as the idea.”

He is the recipient of the following: Award of Excellence from the New Jersey Watercolor Society on two occasions; the Flo Higgins Medal for Watercolor and Best in Show in the Summer Show of Painters from The Guild of Creative Art in New Jersey; and most recently Best in Still Life from the Manasquan River Group of Artists 2017 Annual show; and the Fred Biello Award for Best in Show in the 2017 All Members Show at the Guild of Creative Art. He is an Exhibiting Member, and Instructor at The Guild of Creative Art, and teaches watercolor at various locations in New Jersey. Selected pieces of his work are currently being exhibited at New Jersey locations including the Monmouth Museum and the CVA Gallery at Brookdale College.

A current schedule and inquiries about instruction & commission work can be obtained by e-mailing rstetz2@verizon.net.